Data Analysis and Database design

We will design your database as well as allow for easier analysis of data.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a must for any small business. It is a low cost, high value software that excels at numerical data, its storage and the many permutations of analysis you might require to uncover any patterns, trends in your data.

We specialise in custom developed spreadsheets specific to your business that will minimise the pain and risk of error, whilst affording you a streamlined flow of data: both input and output.

Summary to highly detailed level of analysis are available depending on your requirements.

Ease of access to information: Unlike keeping data in a ledger, which can get messy with cross-outs, erasures and liquid paper, Excel spreadsheets remain in their easy-to-read format and are available – even enlargable with the zoom features – any time you need to get your information.

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Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access, just like Excel is a low cost, high value software mandatory for your small business. It is a highly flexible software, that is easy to maintain.

Custom forms will allow for ease of use to enter information, that will allow access later to generate report(s) of selective record(s).

The pain and frustration of running your business will be reduced with a custom developed Databases. For example, for stock control we can have ready an Inventory Management Database that is easy to use and maintain.

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