S.E.O – Search Engine Optimisation

What is S.E.O?

S.E.O is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimisation” or “Search Engine Optimiser.”

In short, a website with a well planned and executed S.E.O program will rank higher and show higher in web search site results.

Business Cherub employs a 34 point check across S.E.O to get the results that you want!

tick Structure – Do pages use structured data to enhance listings?

tick  Titles – Do HTML title tags contain keywords relevant to page topics?

tick  Description – Do meta description tags describe what pages are about?

tick  Headers – Do headlines and subheads use header tags with relevant keywords?

tick  Excessive words use- Do you excessively use words you want pages to be found for?

tick  Design of website – Does design of the website interfere with keywords you want your pages to be found for?

tick  Quality – Are pages well written and have substantial quality content?

tick  Research – Have you researched the keywords people may use to find your content?

tick  Words – Do pages use words and phrases you hope they’ll be found for?

tick  Engage – Do visitors spend time reading or leave just as quickly?

tick  Fresh – Are pages fresh and about “current and in demand” topics?

tick  Thin – Is content lacking substance and relevancy?

tick  Ads – Are advertisements excessive to the point it interferes with a viewers experience?

tick  Crawl – Can search engines “crawl” pages on site?

tick  Duplicate – When duplication of content is prevalent on your website, you may suffer rankings and traffic losses, and search engines provide less relevant results.

tick  Speed – Does your website load and perform to high standard?

tick  URLS – Are URL’s short and contain meaningful keywords to page topics?

tick  Mobile – Is your website responsive to different web devices such as mobile, tablet and laptop users?

tick  Use of antiquated or Black Hat techniques – Have previous SEO consultants performed antiquated or Black Hat techniques such as Cloaking to penalise your webiste?

tick  Quality Links – Are websites linked to yours from trusted, quality, or respected websites

tick  Text – Do links pointing at pages use words you hope they’ll be found for?

tick  Number – Do many links point at your web pages?

tick  Paid – Have you purchased links in hopes of better rankings?

tick  Spam – Have you created many links by spamming blogs, forums or other places?

tick  Authority – Do links, shares and other factors make site a trusted authority.

tick  History – Has site or its domain been around a long time, operating in the same way?

tick  Identity – Does site use means to verify its identity and that of authors?

tick  Piracy – Has site been flagged for hosting pirated content?

tick  Reputation – Do those respected on social networks share your content?

tick  Shares – Do many share your content on social networks?

tick  Country – What country is someone located in?

tick  Locality – What city or local area is someone located in?

tick  History – Has someone regularly visited your site or socially favoured it?

tick  Social – Have your friends socially favoured the site?

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