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The websites designed and developed at Business Cherub are guaranteed to help your business grow.

We employ a highly rigorous and structured needs analysis at the very beginning to determine what you require from your website, in terms of functionality and design, and have everything ready to go within 14 days.

All websites are completed to run efficiently, be market effective and secure, with web responsive technology employed in addition to using the latest technology and programming protocols. This ensures that the website you receive is effective, secure, and robust in todays ever challenging business market.

What are our prices?

In short, the cheapest website costs $800, whilst the most expensive $45,000. The price is determined by what you want. Sounds fair enough, right? Many web companies charge either too low or too high for their products and services, all because they use a blanket price across what they offer. But would you agree that is poor business practice and is not sustainable? Do you do that within your business? If you were in building and you had a blanket price across the service you provided i can assure you you won’t be in business long.

Business Cherub is not a web development agency, we are a business development company that partners with clients, with the aim of a long term partnership. Our sole objective is growing our business by helping grow your business.

What do websites mean to Business Cherub?

A website is a very powerful tool within business to make money.

A website is meant to promote and legitimise your brand, your company, in addition to providing insight on the people and culture behind the products and services.

And the web is everywhere now. With the introduction of the smart phone, people are online more than ever. Just take a step back and look at all the people online on your way to work, at work, whilst having lunch, whilst at your shopping centre, even whilst going for your walk! The list goes on and on…

A business today without a website is a business planning to fail. Simple as that.

Why use Business Cherub for your website?

Business Cherub is passionate about web design and development, and passionate about working with business owners. We work alongside you to get the very most out of your website and your business at an affordable cost. We also complement this with our other services such as sales and marketing, accounting software, and data analysis and design.

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